It’s Met Gala Season!

Pretty much from the first day of May my social media is filled – literally filled – with blogs and photos and videos of past met gala moments; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh to be a celebrity invited onto that red carpet… so. much. anxiety.

The theme for met gala 2019 is ‘camp’ and in my opinion that is definitely the hardest one so far and, to be honest, from what I’m picturing in my head, not my favourite look. Not only is it really hard but it’s also just a little bit boring. Sorry Gaga.

So, in preparation for this year’s mega fundraiser, let’s take a look back at some of it’s most iconic moments…


Met gala 2018 was an iconic year all round and it’s going to be a hard theme to beat. There were some drop dead amazing looks on that red carpet, to name a few: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sza and Migos all shook their fans to their cores. No genuinely, when I saw Takeoff in that suit I had to sit down for a minute and get my breath back.

Miss Minaj made us swoon when she walked in in her red gown, walking down that red carpet with so much confidence and sophistication, she truly is the Queen.

The host Rihanna killed the look, wearing a full papal tiara

Greta Gerwig definitely found her fashion moment on the red carpet. The monastic inspired robe with those puffed out sleeves and high neck, I’m 100% here for it.

Naomi Campbell glittering in Versace, 1995

Marie Chantal-Miller next to Mr Valentino himself in 2001

Blake Lively in a classic Burberry gown in 2016

Erykah Badu living her Givenchy moment in 2014

Anne Hathaway looking like a goddess (as always) in Ralph Lauren

Queen Cardi giving it everything last year

Rih killing it AGAIN in 2015 her Asia inspired golden gown, making me weep with envy

The style icon Lady Gaga came through with Alexander Wang in 2015 with her classic platform heels to top the look off

Katy Perry legitimately trying to give me heart attack in 2017. Yes Katy, yes.

And just to remind you one more time of how beautiful the ‘best dressed men’ (Migos) are, I’ll show you them again 🙂

Ugh, so many looks to reminds ourselves of, so little time.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings even more iconic fashion moments. I have a feeling I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the interpretations of the ‘camp’ theme.

Until next time my loves,

Clare x

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